Posters at PAGE!

nlmixr was featured on two posters at the recent PAGE conference in Budapest, Hungary. In one, by Rik Schoemaker and colleagues, the nlmixr team show comparisons between the built-in nlme, SAEM and FOCE-interaction methods, demonstrating that the nlmixr SAEM method in particular performs similarly to NONMEM’s FOCE-interaction method. In the other, Elvira Erhardt and colleagues from Politecnico di Torino and Janssen compared nlmixr’s nlme method with the SAEM method in Monolix and found that both performed equally well in estimating the parameters of a three-compartment infusion model based on rich data.

We are delighted that nlmixr is being embraced by the pharmacometrics community, and hope that this trend continues as we work to make nlmixr better and better!