Post-PAGE 2018 nlmixr workshop wrap up




The nlmixr team just completed its first full-day hands-on workshop at PAGE 2018 on simulation (RxODE) and parameter estimation using the free and open-source R-based nonlinear mixed effects modelling platform nlmixr. The course consisted of a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. Thank you to all 50 participants from around the world who joined us for this exciting event! We hope you’ll help spread what you’ve seen throughout the community. The nlmixr team welcomes feedback, questions and suggestions.

nlmixr is an open-source R package for population PK and PKPD modelling, and builds on the RxODE package for simulation of nonlinear mixed effects models using ordinary differential equations, by implementing parameter estimation algorithms like nlme and SAEM. nlmixr greatly expands the utility of existing R packages (such as nlme) by providing an efficient and versatile way to specify pharmacometric models and dosing scenarios, and allows for the estimation and simulation of nonlinear mixed effects models across multiple disease areas during drug development and clinical practice. nlmixr features a domain-specific modeling language unifying all the estimation engines and reducing the learning curve needed to become proficient. All new features implemented in nlmixr are included in the current nlmixr CRAN package. Other components in the nlmixr ecosystem include shinyMixR, a Shiny tool for nlmixr also available on CRAN, which facilitates 1) dynamic and interactive model development, 2) quick and efficient communication of population PKPD models, 3) rapid demonstrations of simulation results from PK and PKPD modeling, and 4) report building, and xpose.nlmixr, which provides an interface to the xpose model evaluation package. The ability to perform population modeling in R provides a single unified workflow for data management, data exploration, data analysis and report building.

If you missed our workshop at PAGE, join us at one of our next workshops at ACoP9 in San Diego, USA on October 11th 2018 or at the Iberoamerican Pharmacometrics Network Congress from RedIF in Guadalajara, Mexico on November 9th 2018!

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